Ep. 34 - Perrie Voss

In today’s episode, Amanda sits down over some Sauvignon Blanc by Oyster Bay with actor, editor, filmmaker Perrie Voss (Avocado Toast, Letters to Satan Claus, The Boys) to discuss creating the series Avocado Toast, what it was like coming out later in life, and a LOT about #Boundaries. From acting to editing screenwriting, Perrie is a multi-award winning artist who wears many hats. You can see her acting on-screen in Season 2 of The Boys, as Cookie Winters in Letters to Satan Claus, and in the award-winning Avocado Toast the series, which she co-created alongside Heidi Lynch and is now available to stream on OUTtvGo. Perrie is currently working on Season 2 of Avocado Toast as well as developing a new series called Stories from my Gay Grandparents alongside co-creator Scott Farley, directed by Emma Sutherland.


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