Ep. 39 - Shohana Sharmin

In today’s episode, Amanda sits down over some Red Stripe Jamaican beer with writer and comedian Shohana Sharmin (Finders Grievers, Dead Parents Society) to discuss the pressure to stay relevant, toxic positivity and her podcast Finders Grievers. Shohana is an alumnae of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre’s Emerging Creators Unit and was a receipt of their 2020 Queer Emerging Artists Award. She is also an alumna of the Second City’s Improv and Longform Conservatories and a former Featured Player at the Bad Dog Comedy Theatre. She is a producer, writer and performer behind the dark sketch comedy revue Dead Parents Society, which won the Audience Choice Award at the 2020 Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival. Her podcast Finders Grievers, a happy-ish podcast about sad things is an incredibly intimate and entertaining podcast on grief, and is available on The Sonar Network.


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