Ep. 40 - Alix Kazman

In today’s episode, Amanda sits down over some cannabis tea with agent and manager Alix Kazman (Fountainhead Talent) to discuss misconceptions about being an agent, scary movie recommendations, and an allergic reaction that changed her career path. After studying theatre at Dalhousie University, Alix decided performing was not for her, but she still loved the entertainment industry. She worked in make-up and special effects for 7 years until she woke up one morning with a severe allergic reaction to, what she later found out was, a common ingredient in make-up. This abruptly ended her make-up career, forcing her to make a professional pivot. From there she worked in casting for a while before finding a home at Fountainhead Talent as a talent agent and manager. She also happens to be my agent! Does she still want to be my agent by the end of this interview? Let’s find out! lol


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